1. Main Title
2. Royal Dreams
3. Mary and Joseph
4. Escape of the Flying Donkey
5. Nice to Meet You
6. Time to Earn Your Keep
7. My Name Is Bo
8. Joseph vs. Donkey
9. Mary Goes to Bethlehem
10. Where is Your Owner
11. Gifts from the Magi
12. Bo Meets Ruth
13. We’ve Got Trouble
14. Good for Nothing Donkey
15. Finding the Caravan
16. Baby is Coming
17. Operation Rescue Bo
18. Prayers From a Donkey
19. We Have Backup
20. Message From God
21. Saving the Night
22. The Flock Is Growing

Release Name: John Paesano – The Star (Original Motion Picture Score) [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]
Size: 95 MB
Genres: Soundtrack, Music